Welcome! If you’re here, you probably want to write a guest post for the Buffer blog — that’s awesome ✨

<aside> ❌ The Buffer team is NOT currently accepting pitches for guest posts. If that should change in the future, we’ll update this page section.


<aside> ✏️ Due to the volume of pitches, we can only follow up on a select number of submissions. Expect a response between 4-6 weeks.


<aside> 🔉 Disclaimer: This program is our effort to highlight more voices on our blog from people within the industry, so you don’t need to pay anything to be published. However, this is not a paid opportunity either.


How to submit a guest blog for Buffer’s website

  1. Review our pitch guidelines and style guide, then fill out the form and wait to hear from us.
  2. Share an outline of your post that makes up 30% of the final article with your arguments, links, H2s & H3s.
  3. Once approved, start writing your draft.
  4. Send it as an editable Google Doc to Buffer with 2-3 title options included.

<aside> 🔊 Disclaimer: If we are not satisfied with the quality of an article at any stage, we reserve the right to reject it.


  1. Buffer’s Content team will review the draft and make any necessary changes. Our team keeps these edits as minor as possible, mainly looking at grammar and style. In the case of a significant edit, such as removing a section, we will communicate the changes ahead of time.
  2. Provide Buffer with your author’s name, headshot, a short bio (200 characters max), and links to your Twitter and website.
  3. Buffer will inform you of the projected publication date once you have signed off on the final version.
  4. Buffer will tag you or your company on social media to promote the post once published. Please note that our content calendar can be busy, so new submissions may take a few weeks to reach publication.

Pitch guidelines

General writing guidelines


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